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View Real Time Log 

How To View a Log in Real Time

·         Uninstall any previous versions of OfficePro

·         Go to to download and run the setup file. (If you receive any errors during the install, just click the Continue button to continue the installation. These errors are caused by other applications that protect the files that OfficePro is trying to install. OfficePro can use any version of these files and will run without any problems.)

·         Right click on a Suttles mud log that has been saved to your computer and choose View Real Time.

·         Click the Real Time button. (The Current Depth, Lag Depth, and Hotwire should begin refreshing within 15 seconds)



·         View and navigate through the log easily.

·         Print the log.

·         Change the scale in the ROP and Gas columns

·         View or print the log in 1", 2", 2.5" and 5" scales.

·         Generate LAS files so that the data can be imported into other software

·         The Log is updated every 2 foot when the real time mode is activated

·         View current Depth, Lag Depth, and Hotwire readings (updated every 15 seconds)

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