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TGA and Chromatograph

Hotwire Readings

·         The hotwire is updated 50 times / second. The maximum hotwire reading is recorded each foot.

·         A real time file containing timed data is stored on the logging computer.

·         The Hotwire is calibrated to 1% methane = 50 units  (This calibration can be set to 100 units or higher if requested by the client)

·         Calibration and testing of the equipment can be done remotely from the Suttles Office.

Chromatograph Readings

·         The chromatograph typically cycles every 5 minutes. This allows enough time for the lighter hydrocarbons C1 - nC4 to elute from the column. If heavier hydrocarbons are present, the chromatograph cycle time will need to be increased.

·         The chromatograph readings are automatically recorded  and associated with the corresponding hotwire readings on the log.

(NOTE: C4 readings recorded on the log are a total of iC4 and nC4)

(NOTE: C5 readings recorded on the log are a total of iC5 and nC5)

C1=Methane C2=Ethane  C3=Propane iC4=Iso Butane nC4 Normal Butane iC5= Iso Pentane C5= Normal Pentane

Screen shot from the integrator on the logging software. This is 5 part test gas C1,C2,C3,iC4,NC4



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