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Data On the Internet

This feature is designed to give current data quickly without the need for a special viewer.

The large font makes it easy to read on small portable displays such as cell phones with web access.

 The client will be given a special URL where they can access the data.

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Real Time Data

The top part of the display gives data from the logging computer including:

·         Depth

·         Lag Depth

·         Total Gas

·         Time of last update

·         Connection status between the logging computer and the server.

·         On/Off bottom

·         Minutes since last foot was drilled.

·         EFM1 and EFM2 are optional sample flow meters used on our unmanned gas monitoring units.


The bottom part of the display shows information that we receive through WITS including:

·         Hole depth

·         Bit Depth

·         ROP (Rate of Penetration in feet/hour)

·         WOB (Weight on bit)

·         RPM (Rotary table)

This data is dependant upon information that is sent to our computer. (Information not sent to our computer will show up as zeros)  

      Overview                   View Real Time             TGA & Chromatograph