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About Suttles Logging

Suttles Logging, Inc. is an independent corporation located in Midland, TX, with over 30 years experience in down hole hydrocarbon mudlogging.

Frank Suttles

Frank Suttles started Suttles Logging in 1983 with two units and four loggers. Today Suttles Logging has developed into a small corporation with large corporation features, including:

  • Over 90 employees
  • 45 onsite geological units
  • A vast onsite catalog of correlation logs - over 19,000!
  •  Onsite software engineers and computer design
  •  Log delivery in almost any format
  •  Onsite mudlog duplication equipment
  •  Large client list with references available
  •  Extensive experience in West Texas, Barnett Shale, and Southeast New Mexico