Note: Log printing will not start until Print on the Print menu or the Print Log  icon is clicked.

Print Continuous (Corresponds to )

Use this option to print one long continuous log.

Note.. The printer must support banner printing to use this option.

Print Plotter (Corresponds to)

This option is used for HP plotters. See Printing a Log for help using this option.

Print Sheets (Corresponds to )

This is the default print option. When selected, the log will print on multiple pages.

Print All Log (Corresponds to)

Prints the entire log.

Print Interval (Corresponds to )

Print a selected interval. (Note:  Interval will be entered after clicking the Print Log icon   )

Print Header and first 100' (Corresponds to)

Prints the header and first 100'

Print Setup (Corresponds to)

Choose the printer and change printer settings.

Know issues:

Exit OfficePro and adjust settings from the printers folder

Exit OfficePro and reopen the log to re-adjust settings

Print (Corresponds to)

Starts the printing process.

For Help Printing a Log, click here.

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